Natural Patterns And Colors

Be it rocks, flowers, ice, trees, sand or sandstone, there's always exciting forms to be found in nature. Isolating them to create abstract and intimate interpetations is one of my favorite pastimes when the light may not be ideal for larger landscapes. Somtimes even wildlife present themselves in what could be considered an abstract sense.

infinity  |  curves

Beach Forest
Monet's Palette
Desert Candles
Fairy Fire
Breccia Mosaic
Plant Oils on Water
Navajo Rainbow
Basalt Galaxy
Frosty Fingers
White Water Spirits
Simple Treasures
Cardiac Canyon
Solar Art
Jellyfish in Flight
Sandstone Art
Psychedelic Soup
Sensational Sands
The Sandbox
The Monarchs
Spring Tapestry
Earth Veins
Field of Dreams
Dante's Ocean
The Tiger
Sierra Pollination
Crawling with Decay
Jaws of the Desert
Birth Marks
Lamar Bison