California: Creative Images From The Inyo And White Mountains

I have a special affinity for the Californian landscape since I was born and raised there. It is one of the most incredibly diverse landscapes I have ever been to, including deserts, dramatic mountain peaks, rugged coastlines, and some of the most awe inspiring forests and trees in the world.

Death Valley  |  Anza-Borrego  |  Joshua Tree  |  Mojave

Sierra Nevada | Sequoias

Owens Valley  |  Mono Lake  |  Inyo & White Mountains (Bristlecones)

Mt Diablo  |  Foothills  |  Los Angeles Basin

CA Coast  |  Northern California

The Inyo and White Mountains, located just east of the Sierra Nevada and across the Owen's Valley, offer a spectacular high desert landscape with commanding views of the snowy Sierra. Located in the White Mountains is the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, home to the oldest single living organism on the planet, the 4,482 year old Methuselah Tree (as of 2011). 

bristlecone pine, trees, abstracts, white mountains, california
eastern sierra, rocks, open spaces
Pine Cones, Sagebrush, Owens Valley
Inyo Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Sage and Pinyon
Juniper Tree, Inyo Mountains, Sierra Nevada
Wild Horse, White Mountains, California
Sierra Storm, Inyo Mountains, Black and White
Hiker and Ancient Bristlecone Pine, White Mountains, California, awe and respect, sierra
Bristlecone Wood Abstract, White Mountains, California
Bristlecone Pine Light Painting and Star Trails, White Mountains, California, essence of time
Mine, Fluorescent Rocks, Inyo Mountains
Ancient Bristlecone at Night with Light Painting, White Mountains, California, wicked witch of the west, Pinus aristata
Lupine Petals, Spring, Summer
Renewal, Life and Death, Flowers and Sage
Bristlecone Pines, Sage Valley, White Mountains
Inyo Mountains, Sierra, Valley
Wild Horses, Flowers, California
Ancient Bristlecone Pine, White Mountains, California, wretched,
Life and Death, Afterlife, White Mountains
Ancient Bristlecones and Sierra Nevada, White Mountains, California, graveyard,
Ancient Bristlecone Pines at Sunrise, White Mountains, California, ancients awakening, clouds
Ancient Bristlecone Pine at Sunset, White Mountains, California, guardian angel
4x4, White Mountains, California
Flowers, Mono Basin, California