California: Creative Images From Near Los Angeles

I have a special affinity for the Californian landscape since I was born and raised there. It is one of the most incredibly diverse landscapes I have ever been to, including deserts, dramatic mountain peaks, rugged coastlines, and some of the most awe inspiring forests and trees in the world.

Death Valley  |  Anza-Borrego  |  Joshua Tree  |  Mojave

Sierra Nevada | Sequoias

Owens Valley  |  Mono Lake  |  Inyo & White Mountains (Bristlecones)

Mt Diablo  |  Foothills  |  Los Angeles Basin

CA Coast  |  Northern California

Spire of Light
Manzanita Forest
Vulcan Light
Anna's Hummingbird
Acorn Woodpecker
Spotted Towhee
Spring Fever
In Opposition
Choking on Ash
American Dipper
Spotted Owl
Beauty that Was
Ash Emergence
There Be Witches
American Dipper
Petrified Pollock
Manzanita Flowers
Young Rufous