California: Creative Mojave Desert Images

I have a special affinity for the Californian landscape since I was born and raised there. It is one of the most incredibly diverse landscapes I have ever been to, including deserts, dramatic mountain peaks, rugged coastlines, and some of the most awe inspiring forests and trees in the world.

Death Valley  |  Anza-Borrego  |  Joshua Tree  |  Mojave

Sierra Nevada | Sequoias

Owens Valley  |  Mono Lake  |  Inyo & White Mountains (Bristlecones)

Mt Diablo  |  Foothills  |  Los Angeles Basin

CA Coast  |  Northern California

The Mojave Desert, (in which I am including The Mojave National Preserve, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Antelope Valley, Mecca, and parts of Nevada), is a fascinating combination of ancient desert and historical volcanic activity.  

Goldfields, Spring, Joshua Trees
Owls Clover, Poppies, Lancaster
Light Beams, Lava Tube, Mojave
Petrified Ghosts, Black and White, Red Rock Canyon
Ancient Sandstone, Nevada, Sunset
California Poppies and Goldfields, Antelope Valley, California
California Poppies, Antelope Valley, California
Joshua Trees and Milky Way Light Painting, Antelope Valley, California, another world,
Salton Sea Slot Canyon, Mecca Hills Wilderness, California, enter the mysterious, reflected light, mysterious,
Cinder Cones, Mojave Desert, California