Mountains : Stock Images

Stone Spirit, Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado, mount evans, raven
Wind Stripped Trees Flagging, Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado, naked in the sun, sun
Dusky Grouse Dendragapus obscurus in Flowers, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington,
Harlequin Ducks Histrionicus histrionicus along Quinault River, Olympic National Park, Washington
Autumnal Grace Aspen, Eastern Sierra, California, autumn
Sunrise over Island Lake, Rawah Wilderness, Colorado, peace in rawah
Mountain Goats on Mount Evans, Rocky Mountains, Colorado, running from the dark, backlit
Hiker and Ancient Bristlecone Pine, White Mountains, California, awe and respect, sierra
Mount Whitney from Mount Irvine, Sierra Nevada California, high sierra, summit
Ancient Bristlecone Pine at Sunset, White Mountains, California, guardian angel
Spring Corn Lilies, Minaret Lake, California, green with zen, ansel adams wilderness
Backcountry Peak and Tarn, Glacier National Park, Montana, sunset, warm
Mount Baker and Tarn, Cascades, Washington, baker's elegance, summer
Mt Rainier Wildflowers and Mist, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, painting the mountains mystery
Mountain Goat, Olympic National Park, Washington, bill the billy goat,