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Spring Dogwoods with Giant Sequoias and Deer, Sequoia National Park, California, Sequoiadendron, giganteum
Spring Greenery, Cascades, Washington
Palm Trees, Punalu'u, Hawaii, moon, stars,
Forest of Ferns, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, Hapu'u
Ancient Bristlecone at Night with Light Painting, White Mountains, California, wicked witch of the west, Pinus aristata
Moss, Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park, Washington, vine maples
Autumn Larches, North Cascades, Washington
Hoh Rainforest Mossy Tree, Olympic National Park, Washington, Spirit of the Hoh, maple, fog,
Hoh Rainforest Mossy Treebeards, Olympic National Park, Washington, Treebeards, maple
Lonely Tree, Escalante National Monument, Utah, dreams of solitude, moonset
Joshua Tree Light Painting at Night, Joshua Tree National Park, California, lost spirits,
Sun and Spring Dogwoods, Sequoia and King's Canyon National Park, California, gift of life, flowers
Rhododendrons Blooming, Redwood National Park, California, flowers for giants,
Sun Rays and Fog, Redwood National Park, California, jurassic light
Mossy Trees in the Queets, Olympic National Park, Washington, bowing to the moss,
Ponderosa Pines in Winter Snowstorm, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon, silent night, winter wonderland, sisters
Red Ponderosa and Maples, Zion National Park, Utah, red, fall, sandstone
Fall Maples, Zion National Park, Utah, confetti, delicate
Alabama Hills Fall Foliage, Owens Valley, California, flames of fall
Bristlecone Wood Abstract, White Mountains, California
Cottonwood in Paria Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona, Paria's gray hairs, southwest,
Winter Aspen Ghosts, Owens Valley, California
Black and White Tree, Van Damme State Park, California
Winter Trees on Telescope Peak, Death Valley National Park, California, limber pine, alone and in love
Rabbitbrush Cottonwoods and Willows, Owens Valley, California, desert colors
Joshua Trees and Milky Way Light Painting, Antelope Valley, California, another world,
Ancient Bristlecone Pine, White Mountains, California, wretched,