Starry Night Images

Perhaps as a result of my parent's both being Astronomers, I have taken a great interest in photographing landscapes under the early night sky. Be they static twilight star images, or startrails, there is something magical about this time of day. Generally I do my best to create images that evoke the feeling of the early night, yet sometimes I will accentuate the scene with artificial light, called 'light painting'. It wasn't until the advent of low noise high quality digital camera's that this kind of photography became possible and accessible, and as one of the pioneers in this field of photography I put together a detailed article which you are welcome to read here: twilight tutorial. Due to the extreme dynamic range of this sort of photography it is often necessary to use up to 3 (or more) exposures over the course of an hour or so to capture all the detail I would like to show in addition to the stars, however, I do my best to keep the experience of the photo honest to reality in so much as it is possible. For details on my process I'll refer you to my article, for processing on individual photographs please refer to my blog or contact me. I also offer occasional workshops focused on night photography.
Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park, Stars, Night
Winter Snowstorm, Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park
Coconut Tree, Tutuila, American Samoa
Bioluminescence, San Juan Islands, Noctiluca scintillans, dinoflagellates, night, washington
Palm Trees, Punalu'u, Hawaii, moon, stars,
Milky Way, Maui, Hawaii, beach
Fluorescent Minerals, Darwin Mines, California, fluorescent treasures, scheelite, fluorite,
Lonely Tree, Escalante National Monument, Utah, dreams of solitude, moonset
Stars over Sierra Nevada, John Muir Wilderness, California, sierra diamond, merriam peak, royce lakes, twilight, snow, l
Joshua Tree Light Painting at Night, Joshua Tree National Park, California, lost spirits,
Bristlecone Pine Light Painting and Star Trails, White Mountains, California, essence of time
Beach Arch at Night, Laguna Beach, California, jupiter, rocky shores, twilight, star
Juniper and Rock with Stars at Night, Joshua Tree National Park, California, a cosmic balance,
Badwater Star Trails, Death Valley National Park, California, geometry of motion, salt flats, stars, polaris, north star
Joshua Trees and Milky Way Light Painting, Antelope Valley, California, another world,