Creative Forest Images

The incredible diversity of birds and other fauna that make their home among the flowers and trees of woodland and forest scenes provide endless photographic challenges and opportunities to explore. Between the forest giants are the babbling brooks and waterfalls, and lush spring garden scapes that compel me to relax in the dappled sunlight. Every time of year in the forest offers something special, be it the springtime profusion of life, warm summer afternoons, vibrant fall colors, or the silently snowy winter scenes.

Spring "Snow"
Spring Zen
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Mossy Embrace
Spring Unfolding
Ponderosa Spring
Life Among Giants
The Spring Explosion
Gift of Life
Secret Paradise
Rivendell II
Water from Heaven
Jurassic Light
Spirit of the Hoh
Black Bear
Eastern Screech-Owl
Great Blue Heron
Autumn Dancer
There Be Witches
Autumn Butterflies
Nature's Blood
Frosty Fingers
Rhythm & Rime
Silent Night