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Mount Rainier from Old Snowy, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington
Mount Adams from the Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington, Ives Peak and Old Snowy Mountain
Prusik Peak, Fall Larches and Winter Snow, Enchantments
Prusik Peak, Enchantments, Fall Larches and Snow, Washington, Cascades
Enchantments, Fall Larches and Snow, Cascades, Washington
Mount Shuskan from Frozen Lake Ann, Cascades, Washington
Mount Baker from Park Butte, North Cascades, Washington, wild tranquility, storm
Mount Baker and Tarn, Cascades, Washington, baker's elegance, summer
Mount Baker Reflected in Tarn, Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington, mountain dreaming, cascades,
Sierra, Waterfalls, Wilderness
Autumn Color, Leaves, Washington
Las Nubes, Chiapas, Mexico
Rio la Venta, Chiapas, Mexico
Golondrinas Waterfall, Las Nubes, Chiapas
Blooming Rabbitbrush, High Deserts, Eastern Oregon
Waterfall, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

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