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Hoh Rainforest Moss, Olympic National Park, Washington, Green,
Owens Valley Fall Foliage, Eastern Sierra, California, dancing in the sun, backlight, turquoise, rabbitbrush
Fall Maples, Zion National Park, Utah, confetti, delicate
Bishop Creek Fall Aspen Color, Eastern Sierra, California, golden chaos,
Tortured Aspen, Eastern Sierra, California, writhing, aspens, bishop creek, SAD, sudden aspen decline, climate change,
High Key Ethereal Aspens, Eastern Sierra, California, ghost, grove, trees
Poison Oak Fall Color, Point Lobos, California, beautiful poison, monterrey, coastal forest
Winter Snow Giant Sequoias, Sequoia National Park, California, grove
Wildfire Ash, San Gabriel Mountains, California, ash emergence, los angeles
Cottonwoods along Paria River, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona, cottonwoods dancing,
Mossy Trees in the Queets, Olympic National Park, Washington, bowing to the moss,
Wildfire Burned Trees, San Gabriel Mountains, California, there be witches, station fire, los angeles,
Golden Grains, Mount Diablo State Park, California, wild oats
Ice Crystals in Frozen Lake, Sierra Nevada, California, ice flambee, minaret lake,
Cottonwoods in Snow, Owens Valley, California, cotton dreams, Bishop
Winter Aspen Ghosts, Owens Valley, California

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