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Tafoni, California Coast, Pacific Ocean
Montaña de Oro State Park, Coast, California
Pebbles in Tafoni, Santa Cruz, California, coast
Ruby Beach Mists, Olympic National Park, Washington, mysterious mist, fog, summer, pacific northwest
Refracted Light, Palos Verdes, California, refracted light, sandstone, coast, southern california, refractions
Abstract Coast Sandstone, Palos Verdes, California, tidal designs, lines, barnacle, sea snail
Beach Arch at Night, Laguna Beach, California, jupiter, rocky shores, twilight, star
Secrets of the Sea, Laguna Beach, California, sunset, waves, long exposure
Rocks at Low Tide, Corona del Mar, California, tidal forms
Sunset Rushing Tide, Laguna Beach, California, tides of color
Bandon Beach Sea Stack, Oregon Coast, Oregon, morning, pink, morning zen
Corona del Mar Seascape, Los Angeles, California, ocean, long exposure, sea castle
Tidal Patterns, Glacier Bay, Alaska
Milky Way, Maui, Hawaii, beach
Winter Ice at the Wave, Coyote Buttes, Arizona, desert ocean

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