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Winter Heliotropes
Winds of Fury
Frosted Candles
Winter's Warmth
Winter Sunshine
tents, alaska, brooks range, arrigetch peaks, mountains, snow, autumn, winter, cold, man in nature, black diamond, Tent in the...
Glacial Portal
Glacial Sculptures
Claws of Winter
Glacier Cruising
Reflections of Winter
Frosted Lamar
Forever Frozen
Mountain Ghosts
Winter Candles
Frosty Morning
Sierra Diamond II
Silently Suffering
Frozen Candles
Winter Wonder Woods
Kiss the Moon
Cuernos on Ice
Bison Steambath
Christmas in Yellowstone
Winter's Warmth
Dipping in the Narrows
Canyon Fury
Short-eared Owl
Ice Flambee
Loggerhead Shrike

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