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Carrizo Plains, Superbloom, Flowers
Minarets, Sierra Nevada, California
View of Death Valley, Barrel Cactus, California, panorama
Mt Baker, North Cascades, Washington
Dawn in the Cascades, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Minarets in Sierra Nevada, Ansel Adams Wilderness, California, frozen, minaret lake
Weisshorn from the Shwarzhorn, Swiss Alps, Switzerland, mountain magic, dawn,
Dawn over Owens River and Mount Tom in Winter, Eastern Sierra, California, quiet dawn, bishop, fishing
Sky Blue Lake, Sierra, California
Reflections of Fitzroy, Winter Frost, Patagonia
Lupine and Balsamroot, Columbia River Gorge Springtime, Washington
Parakeets, Sima de las Cotorras, Chiapas
Gray Wolf, Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park
Snow and Rime Ice Trees, Drake Peak in Warner Range, Oregon, silently suffering, frozen, peaceful, pristine

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