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Fireflies Long Exposure, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
Mount Rainier from Old Snowy, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington
Flower Rebirth after Wildfire, San Gabriel Mountains, California, angeles national forest, station fire, flowers, spring
Spring Lupines, Santa Monica Mountains, California, spring fever, green, rolling hills, wildflowers, wildfire
Wildfire Wasteland, San Gabriel Mountains, California, beauty that was, angeles national forest, desolate
Wildfire Ash, San Gabriel Mountains, California, ash emergence, los angeles
Wildfire Burned Trees, San Gabriel Mountains, California, there be witches, station fire, los angeles
Ash and Burned Trees, San Gabriel Mountains, California, choking on ash, fire, station fire, los angeles
Sandstone Abstract, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, bleeding drapes,
Secrets of the Sea, Laguna Beach, California, sunset, waves, long exposure
Sunset Rushing Tide, Laguna Beach, California, tides of color,
Lichen on Rocks, Vasquez Rocks, California

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