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Autumn Color, Leaves, Washington
Ptarmigan Traverse, Cascades, Pacific Northwest
Summer Flowers, Cascades, Washington
Aspen Forest, Blooming Flowers, Jackson Wyoming
Beavertail Cactus, Anza-Borrego, Desert
Spring, Agave, Anza-Borrego
Scarlet Tanager, Sapsucker Woods, Ithaca
Agave, Abstract, California
Spring Vine Maples, Cascades, Washington
Spring Greenery, Cascades, Washington
Wilderness Coast, Olympic National Park, Washington
North Cascades, Forests, Ferns Mosses and Lichens
Waterfall Paradise, Gifford Pinchot, Washington
Rivulets and Mosses, Gifford Pinchot, Washington
Rush Creek, Gifford Pinchot, Washington
Waterfall Sparkles in Sunlight, Gifford Pinchot, Washington
Spring Leaves and Mossy Trees, Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington
Hoh Rainforest Fall, Olympic National Park, Washington
Hall of Mosses in Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington
Moss and Ice, North Cascades National Park, Washington
Mt Diablo Oak Trees, California, sunshine, spring
Forest of Ferns, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, Hapu'u
Ponytail Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, spring
Fairy-tale Waterfall, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Moss, Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park, Washington, vine maples
Mossy Maple Trees, Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park, Washington, spring, green, moss
Spring Leaves and Flowers, Seattle Arboretum, Washington
Hoh Rainforest Moss, Olympic National Park, Washington, Green
Hoh Rainforest Mossy Tree, Olympic National Park, Washington, Spirit of the Hoh, maple, fog
Hoh Rainforest Mossy Treebeards, Olympic National Park, Washington, Treebeards, maple
Spring Lupines, Santa Monica Mountains, California, spring fever, green, rolling hills, wildflowers, wildfire
Oak Tree near Shell Ridge, Mount Diablo State Park, California, dendritic, spring, twisted
Wild Zen Garden, Sierra Nevada, California, ansel adams wilderness, meadow
Subway Left Fork in Reflected Light, Zion National Park, Utah, water carvings
The Subway Underwater, Zion National Park, Utah, submerged, underwater, left fork
Vermilion Flycatcher Pyrocephalus rubinus, Big Morongo Basin, California, deserts
Rufous Hummingbird Selasphorus rufus, Arroyo Parkway, California
Anna's Hummingbird Stretching, Mount Diablo State Park, California, green
Wood Thrush Hylocichla mustelina, Sapsucker Woods in Ithaca, New York
Anna's Hummingbird Stretching, Mount Diablo State Park, rolling hills, Calypte anna
Spring Corn Lilies, Minaret Lake, California, green with zen, ansel adams wilderness
Mt Rainier Wildflowers and Mist, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, painting the mountains mystery
Mountain Goat, Olympic National Park, Washington, bill the billy goat
Mule Deer in Flowers on Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington, alpine morning, spring, meadows
Sea Anemones at Low Tide, Olympic National Park, Washington, aquatic aliens, tide pools
Mossy Trees in the Queets, Olympic National Park, Washington, bowing to the moss
Waterfall in Oneonta Gorge, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, around the corner from paradise
Rhododendrons Blooming, Redwood National Park, California, flowers for giants
Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea), Sapuscker Woods in Ithaca, New York
Wild River Waterfall, Kings Canyon National Park, California, slide into the wild, paradise, mossy, streams
Sequoia Grove (Sequoiadendron giganteum), Kings Canyon National Park, peeking through
Black Bear, King's Canyon National Park, California, forest
Monarch Butterflies Roosting in Grove, Pismo Beach, California, Danaus plexippus
Silly Burrowing Owl Antics (Athene cunicularia), Salton Sea, California
Magic Carpet of Spring Flowers and Pine Cones, Sequoia National Park, California
Sapsucker Woods in Spring with Azalea and Ferns, Ithaca, New York
Sun Rays and Fog, Redwood National Park, California, jurassic light
Mount Olympus and Flowers from the Bailey Range, Olympic National Park, Washington, avalanche lilies, alpine meadow
Beautiful Mossy Forest Waterfall, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, rivendell
Spring Dogwoods with Giant Sequoias and Deer, Sequoia National Park, California, Sequoiadendron, giganteum

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