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Juniper Tree, Sierra, Valley
Cascades, Autumn, Larches
Juniper Tree, Inyo Mountains, Sierra Nevada
Sunset, Chichagof Island, Southeast Alaska
Temple Crag, Big Pine Lakes, Sierra Nevada
Mist, North Cascades, Washington
Frosted Ghost Trees, Mount Seymour, British Columbia
North Cascades Fall Foliage, Mist and Sun, Washington
Snow and Rime Ice Trees, Drake Peak in Warner Range, Oregon, silently suffering, frozen, peaceful, pristine
Wind Stripped Trees Flagging, Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado, naked in the sun, sun
Autumnal Grace Aspen, Eastern Sierra, California, autumn
Hiker and Ancient Bristlecone Pine, White Mountains, California, awe and respect, sierra
Ancient Bristlecone Pine at Sunset, White Mountains, California, guardian angel
Mount Baker and Tarn, Cascades, Washington, baker's elegance, summer
Ancient Bristlecone Pines at Sunrise, White Mountains, California, ancients awakening, clouds
Bristlecone Pine Light Painting and Star Trails, White Mountains, California, essence of time
Fall Color Aspen, Eastern Sierra, California, autumn dancer
Ancient Bristlecones and Sierra Nevada, White Mountains, California, graveyard
Mount Baker Reflected in Tarn, Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington, mountain dreaming, cascades
Ancient Bristlecone Pine, White Mountains, California, wretched
Ancient Bristlecone at Night with Light Painting, White Mountains, California, wicked witch of the west, Pinus aristata
Winter Aspen Ghosts, Owens Valley, California
Winter Trees on Telescope Peak, Death Valley National Park, California, limber pine, alone and in love

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