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Cascades, Winter, Snowy
Cascades, Fall, Mountains
Larch, Autumn, Cascades
Cascades, Pika, Autumn
Cascades, Autumn, Larches
Cascades, Autumn, Rain
Ptarmigan Traverse, Cascades, Pacific Northwest
Summer Flowers, Cascades, Washington
Alpine Lakes, Cascades, Mountains
Cirque of Towers, Wind River Range, Flowers
Owens Valley, Water, Lone Pine Peak
Rugged Mountains, Kofa, Arizona
Mattes Crest, Yosemite National Park, California
Fly Fishing, Thousand Island Lake, Sierra Nevada
Banner Peak, Thousand Island Lake, Sierra Nevada
Banner Peak, Thousand Island Lake, Sierra Nevada
Juniper Tree, Inyo Mountains, Sierra Nevada
Sierra Storm, Inyo Mountains, Black and White
Inyo Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Sage and Pinyon
Inyo Mountains, Sierra, Valley
Backcountry Turns, Unicorn Peak, Yosemite National Park
Winter Storm, Sierra Nevada, California
Sierra Nevada Panorama, Juniper Desert, Sunshine
Mt Morrison, Sierra Nevada, Winter
Solitude, Rolling Hills, California
Sierra Crest, Sunshine, Granite
Sunset, Chichagof Island, Southeast Alaska
Wild Horse, White Mountains, California
4x4, White Mountains, California
Temple Crag, Big Pine Lakes, Sierra Nevada
Minarets, Sierra Nevada, California
Mt Whitney, Alpenglow, Sierra Nevada
Fairweather Range, Glacier Bay, Alaska
Arrigetch Peaks Panorama, Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska
Tent in the Arrigetch Peaks, Brooks Range, Alaska
Watching Aurora Borealis from a Tent, Brooks Range, Alaska
Grizzly Bear, Brooks Range, Alaska
Icebergs and Black Sand Beach, Johns Hopkins Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park
Arrigetch Peaks Ice, Brooks Range, Alaska
Aurora Borealis over the Arrigetch Peaks, Brooks Range, Alaska
Autumn Color in the Arrigetch Peaks, Brooks Range, Alaska
Snow Capped Arrigetch Peaks, Brooks Range, Alaska
Sunrise over the Snowy Arrigetch Peaks, Brooks Range, Alaska
Camping in the North Cascades, Mt Ruth, Mt Shuksan
Icy Cuernos del Paine, Torres del Paine, Chile
Bird, Fitz Roy, Winter in Patagonia
Grasses, Patagonia, Argentina
Icebergs on Lago Grey, Torres del Paine, Chile
Guanacos, Torres del Paine National Park, Cuernos del Paine
Lenticular Clouds, Torres del Paine, Patagonia
Salto Grande, Torres del Paine, Patagonia
Torres del Paine, Salto Grande, Panorama
Snowy Fitz Roy, Patagonia, El Chalten
Stormy Fitz Roy, Patagonia Skyline, Panorama
Rocky Spire, Cascades, Washington
Rocky Spire, Cascades, Washington
Mount Stewart, Autumn Larches, Snow
Cascades, Camping under the Stars, Winter
Mt Baker, North Cascades, Washington
Mt Shuksan, Lenticular Cloud, North Cascades
Cascade Bilberries, North Cascades, Washington
Mist, North Cascades, Washington
Mt Shuksan, North Cascades, Swirling Mists
Bugaboo Provincial Park, Snowpatch and Bugaboo Spires, British Columbia
Bugaboo Spires, British Columbia, Sunrise
Applebee Dome Camp, Bugaboos, British Columbia
Luna Peak, Picket Range, North Cascades
Mt Rainier, Reflected, Clouds
Moonrise on Rainier, Alpen Glow, Climb
Backcountry Camping, Mt Rainier National Park, Washington
Corn Lilies, North Cascades, Flowers
Mount Baker and Lupine, Cascades, Washington
Avalanche Lilies, Olympic National Park, Washington
Liberty Bell, Cascades, Washington
Alpine Climbing, Liberty Bell, Washington Cascades
Smoky Mountains Vista, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina
Granite Mountains, High Sierra, California
Mt St Helens, Sunrise View, Washington
British Columbia Winter Mountains, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Canada
Garibaldi Lake Winter Camping, British Columbia, Canada
Black Tusk Winter, Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia
Frosted Ghost Trees, Mount Seymour, British Columbia
Mount Baker from Artist Point, Snowy Winter, Washington
Moss and Ice, North Cascades National Park, Washington
Autumn Larches, North Cascades, Washington
Fall Color North Cascades, Mist and Mountains, Washington
Autumn Mount Baker, North Cascades, Washington
North Cascades Autumn Foliage, Mist Valley, Washington
North Cascades Fall Foliage, Mist and Sun, Washington
Cascade Berries and Fall Color, North Cascades, Washington
Milky Way over the Cascades, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Cascade Mountain Reflection Panorama, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Alpine Picasso, Cascades, Washington
Alpine Wildflowers in the Cascades, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Cascade Alpine Lake Basin, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Alpine Lake and Mountains, Cascade Mountains, Washington

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