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Sunshine Elowah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Smith Rock at Sunrise, Eastern Oregon
Rappelling, Smith Rock, Oregon
Blooming Rabbitbrush, High Deserts, Eastern Oregon
Field of Dreams, Teasel and Fall Color, Eastern Oregon
Common Foxglove, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Hiker and Oneonta Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Ponytail Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, spring
Waterfall Rappelling, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Fairy-tale Waterfall, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Waterfall, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Self Portrait at Moonrise, Alvord Desert, Oregon
Lone Landrover on the Playa, Alvord Desert, Oregon
Ponderosa's in Snow, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon, snow dancers, sisters
Ice on the Alvord Desert, Near Steens Mountain, Oregon, skate to the steens, alvord desert,
Painted Hills and Snow, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon, solar art, sun, melt
Winter Camping Tent, Drake Peak, Oregon, In a frozen fairytale, warner range,
Ponderosa Pines in Snowstorm, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon, snowfall, frost, sisters
Snow and Rime Ice Trees, Drake Peak in Warner Range, Oregon, silently suffering, frozen, peaceful, pristine
Ponderosa Pines in Winter Snowstorm, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon, silent night, winter wonderland, sisters
Waterfall in Oneonta Gorge, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, around the corner from paradise,
Bandon Beach Sea Stack, Oregon Coast, Oregon, morning, pink, morning zen
Beautiful Mossy Forest Waterfall, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, rivendell,
Bald Eagle on Frozen Tule Lake, Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, California, bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus

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