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Petrified Sea
Melted Stone
Rock Tumbler
High Rock Cathedral
White Rock Camp
Petrified Ghosts
Cathedral of Light
Mudstone Towers
Ancient Citadel
Crater Layers
Smith Rock
A Bird in a Rut
Alpine Picasso
Red Rock Skeletons
Canyon Gold
Moonlight Fossicking
Beautiful Badlands
Stone Spirit
Petrified Pollock
The Pumpkin Patch
Lady of the Sun
Great Horned Owl
Peace in Rawah
Whitney from Irvine
In Opposition
Conference of Corvids
Vulcan Light
California Gold
Sierra Diamond
The Graveyard
A Cosmic Balance
Granite Paradise
The Tiger
Inyo Rising
High Point
Alpine Bliss
The Desert Blues
MontaƱas de Oro
Breccia Mosaic
Calcified Leaf
Geological Rainbow
Simple Treasures
Technicolor Choss
Redrock Rainbows
Bleeding Drapes
Granite Lullaby
Red Refreshment
California Quail
Secrets of the Sea

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