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Ptarmigan Traverse, Cascades, Pacific Northwest
Stream under Mendenhall Glacier, Junea, Alaska
Cascades Waterfall, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Waterfall, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Dawn over Owens River and Mount Tom in Winter, Eastern Sierra, California, quiet dawn, bishop, fishing
Maple Leaf and Subway Crack, Zion National Park, Utah, red refreshment, water, left fork
The Subway Underwater, Zion National Park, Utah, submerged, underwater, left fork
American Dipper in the Virgin River Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah, dipping in the narrows, Cinclus mexicanus
Kokanee Salmon Spawning, Taylor Creek Lake Tahoe, California, life giving death
Kokanee Salmon Spawning, Taylor Creek Lake Tahoe, California, fall
Waterfall in Oneonta Gorge, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, around the corner from paradise
Wild River Waterfall, Kings Canyon National Park, California, slide into the wild, paradise, mossy, streams
American Dipper (Cinclus mexicanus), San Gabriel Mountains, California, nesting, waterfall, stream
Fall Leaves and Stream, Adirondacks, New York, nature's blood, new england, autumn, red, leaves
Frozen Ice Cave in the Mountains, Olympic National Park, Washington, bailey range, snow, winter, spring, blue, frozen pa

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