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Summer Flowers, Cascades, Washington
Aspen Forest, Blooming Flowers, Jackson Wyoming
Lupine Petals, Spring, Summer
Corn Lilies, North Cascades, Flowers
Mount Baker and Lupine, Cascades, Washington
Blooming Rabbitbrush, High Deserts, Eastern Oregon
Alpine Wildflowers in the Cascades, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Cascades Waterfall, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
Mount Adams from the Goat Rocks, Ives Peak and Gilbert Peak, Washington
Summer Flowers, Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, lupine
Flowers and Lenticular Cloud, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, grand park, summer, wildflower
Ruby Beach Mists, Olympic National Park, Washington, mysterious mist, fog, summer, pacific northwest
Sequoias Four Seasons, Sequoia National Park, California, dogwoods, spring, fall, summer, winter
Spotted Towhee Pipilo maculatus, Eaton Canyon, California, summer
Sequoias Warm Light, King's Canyon National Park, California, copper light, giant sequoias
Wildfire Ash, San Gabriel Mountains, California, ash emergence, los angeles
Sunrise over Island Lake, Rawah Wilderness, Colorado, peace in rawah
Mount Whitney from Mount Irvine, Sierra Nevada California, high sierra, summit
Mount Baker and Tarn, Cascades, Washington, baker's elegance, summer
Baby Bird and Flowers, Olympic National Park, Washington, life in the alpine, hurricane ridge, american pipit
Ancient Bristlecone Pines at Sunrise, White Mountains, California, ancients awakening, clouds
Mount Goode at Sunset in the Sierra, Kings Canyon National Park, California, golden sierra
Schoorlse Duinen Strijklicht, Schoorl, the Netherlands
Mossy Trees in the Queets, Olympic National Park, Washington, bowing to the moss
Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna), Eaton Canyon, California, san gabriel
Golden Grains, Mount Diablo State Park, California, wild oats
Royce Lakes in John Muir Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California, sierra diamond, merriam peak
Ancient Bristlecones and Sierra Nevada, White Mountains, California, graveyard
Mount Baker Reflected in Tarn, Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington, mountain dreaming, cascades
Rolling Golden Foothills, Tehachapi, California, summer, oak, freedom of the hills
Mount Rainier with Spring Lupine Flowers and Twilight Stars, Mount Rainer National Park, Washington
Cascadilla Gorge Waterfall near Cornell University, Ithaca - Fingerlakes, New York

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