Thank you everyone for your comments and notes regarding my BBC recognition, I’m sorry I did not have time to respond individually to all of them, but I really appreciate the support! I’ve been working hard the last few weeks in my ‘day job’, but a few adventures are coming up soon, so I hope to have some new material to share.

I wanted to extend an invitation to everyone in the Los Angeles area to come see my talk at the Lancaster Photo Association on Tuesday Nov 23rd. The event is free and open to the public. I’ll be speaking about my primary photography interests and adventures, focused on the emotional and anthropomorphic qualities of subjects such as trees, rocks, and sand, as well as some of the amazing natural wonders in California that many natives are even unaware of. I’d love to see you there!

Event: Encounters with Ents, and the Ephemeral Natural Wonders of California
Date/Time: Tues 11/23, 6pm-8pm
Location: AV Senior Center, 777 Jackman St., Lancaster, CA

More details: Lancaster Photo Assoc.
Event time/place/map: Location map

And, while this is entirely unrelated to the announcement, I thought I’d share this image from this summer in Zion National Park which I hadn’t shared yet. On my way back from the Grand Canyon and my talk in Sedona, AZ in July, Steve Sieren and I stopped off at a short slot canyon in the high country of Zion National Park. I’d been here once before in November – thanks to Guy Tal for showing me – but at midday in the summer this place truly came alive! For about 15 minutes the sun reached the bottom of the flooded canyon, creating magical ghost like apparitions caused by the light reflecting off of the water.

"Ghost of Zion" ~ Zion National Park, UT
The Tech: Canon 5D2, 16-35mm mkII, tripod

And Steve posing in the canyon — what a refreshing place to be given the excessive heat outside!

"Zion Slot Adventures" ~ Zion National Park, UT
The Tech: Canon 5D2, 16-35mm mkII, tripod

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  1. Amazing shots Floris,the glow in there is just incredible. I’d love to check that out at someday.