Note: Changed to the April event, most likely.

I will be giving an invited talk about my photography in Los Angeles at the upcoming March 18th Mindshare event. For those of you not familiar with Mindshare, it is monthly event consisting of mingling and inspiring talks about art, science, technology, and generally just interesting things. Mindshare is hosted by Synn Labs, the same group of creative individuals who built the four minute Rube Goldberg machine for Ok Go’s recent music video ‘This Too Shall Pass‘. Which, by the way, is worth viewing if you haven’t seen it already.

This will not be a technical talk, rather I’ll take you on a journey through some of my thoughts and adventures, specifically as they relate to the anthropomorphic qualities of trees. So, any of you living in and around LA, come check it out!

3 Comments to “Upcoming Talk: ‘Encounters with Ents’”

  1. I’m not in LA – though I’l almost be there a day later – but if your presentation even close to that Rube Goldberg video it should be stunning! 🙂


  2. carol says:

    Wow Floris, I’d love to be there! Please be prepared to share this talk with me when we see you next!! Trees are my friends!

  3. Floris do consider posting your presentation on if it makes sense to. I don’t work for them, but have used them in the past to share my presentations and it works well enough. I’ll be traveling in New Mexico on this date and will miss it. I hope to catch it online if its shared. Have a great time presenting!