The intense snowpack this year in the mountains in Washington has resulted in flower blooms that are up to a month later than usual – some areas probably won’t melt out at all this year before the fall snow starts to fall! Here’s two images from a quick trip to Hurricane Ridge a few weeks ago. I picked this colorful little meadow as I knew that when the sun would set, its golden rays would caress the landscape with life giving light.

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Alpine Flowers Olympic National Park

"Olympic Gold" ~ Olympic National Park
The Tech: Canon 5D2, 45mm TS-E, tripod
Exposure: iso 100, f/16, 0.6 sec
Processing: This is a 3 image panoramic stitch, as well as a blend for depth of field using two focus settings.

Alpine Flowers, Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

"Alpine Sunshine" ~ Olympic National Park
The Tech: Canon 5D2, Nikon 14-24mm, tripod
Exposure: iso 100, f/16, 2.5, 1.3, 0.8 sec
Processing: 3 exposures hand blended to control dynamic range.

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4 Comments to “Alpine Flowers : Olympic National Park”

  1. Richard Wong says:

    Man that’s pretty! I went to Hurricane Ridge while on vacation ten years ago and remember it being overcast and windy with patches of snow on the ground still in July.

  2. Thanks Richard! Yea, this year has been crazy with regards to snow! We’ve only now finally started getting some sun and temperatures above 80 here in Seattle.

  3. Espectacular como todo tu trabajo.

    Felicidades y un fuerte saludo.

  4. Bo Mackison says:

    Beautiful mountain meadow. The light is perfect. When I at Olympic last summer, we never did see flowers. Lots of deer in the meadows, but I can see all the deer I want in Wisconsin. 🙂