My intention has always been to keep this blog dedicated to my personal adventures, natural history, and personal news I think is relevant to family, friends, and fans alike. Occasionally I’d like to share some tangentially related photography news.. such as this posting. For this reason I started a Facebook page a little while back – and from now on this sort of tangential news will be posted on my Facebook page: Art in Nature Photography on Facebook. So, for those of you interested in that kind of news (photographers mostly, I presume), please ‘like’ me on Facebook for updates 🙂 For the rest of you, just scroll down to the picture and move on with your day.. and await my next more traditional ‘adventure’ posting soon (I hope)!

Anyhow, my friend and inspirational photographer and writer Guy Tal has asked me to be a guest judge for a competition he is running. This weeks theme is “Creative Use of Light”. I’ll be looking for unique uses of light.. natural or artificial. There’s no real rules, except that it needs to be original! The more you surprise me, the better.

Submit here: Creative Use of Light Competition

Ice-mites (like icicles, but upside down) illuminated by several flash lights in a lava tube cave in Lava Beds National Monument (from 2009). Taken as multiple exposures blended together for even lighting.

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