I’d like to invite everyone to stop by the cafe Brewed Awakening anytime through the end of February to check out a selection of my prints. I will have another set of images hanging there later in the year as well.

Brewed Awakening is next to UC Berkeley on Euclid avenue, for more specific directions, please see their website: Brewed Awakening.

"Gift of Life" ~ Kings Canyon National Park, CA

6 Comments to “Gallery Showing – Berkeley”

  1. Chris Kayler says:

    Good luck with the exhibit Floris!

  2. I made it over to Brewed Awakenings. Great work. Just wish they had done a better job lighting it. Motivated me to look at your gallery and I am very impressed with your well seen and well composed photos.

  3. Thanks Sandy – yes lighting always seems to be a problem unless you have special gallery/track lighting installed. I am working on new display methods that I think will help in more general lighting conditions.

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  5. Della says:

    Nice, Floris. I live two blocks from Brewed Awakening, so I’ll be sure to drop by!

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