I am excited to announce a print sale, from now to Dec 5th: all prints, framed or unframed, are 25% off! All orders will be shipped between Dec 5th and Dec 15th. Can’t choose a print? No problem! You can always get a giftcard! If you are interested in alternative mounting methods, please contact me.

Simply order your print(s) on my website, enter the discount code ‘samoa‘ at checkout.

Why? It is the holiday season of course. But more importantly, I am trying to raise some funds for a conservation photography project (a first for me). This coming January I am joining the Climate Foundation on a trip to American Samoa, where I will be photographing, filming, and documenting their project on reversing coral bleaching (see below for details). This is a unique story regarding climate change as it has a more hopeful slant – with good science and clever engineering it’s possible to save these special ecosystems before it’s too late! In order to come back with images and videos that tell a convincing story (which I hope to publish) I need to acquire an underwater housing for my camera. I’m hoping to raise some funds to do so through this print sale. In addition to the discounted pricing, everyone who buys a print during this time will get a FREE 5x7in matted print from Samoa upon my return (assuming the trip goes well!).

Want to help out, but can’t afford a print? You are more than welcome to donate, using the donate button the right. Any donation is appreciated, and donations over $30 will get you that free print from Samoa upon my return.

Note: if you would like to order multiple prints, or if you live in Seattle and want to pick up the print(s) yourself, feel free to contact me directly as I can save you on shipping.

Tropical Palm Trees

Palm Trees on Hawaii, from this summer. I figured I should show you a tropical image to match the mood of my trip to American Samoa!

What is coral bleaching anyways, and why should you care?

As ocean temperatures rise thanks to global climate change, the zooxanthellae that form a symbiotic relationship with corals die out, leaving a bleached white coral skeleton. It goes without saying that if the corals die, the fish leave, and the whole ecosystem falls apart. Temperature changes as small as 1-2 degrees C can cause these bleaching events. While not a large scale solution, cooling the water in coral reefs could theoretically bring back the zooxanthellae and can be easily done with some clever engineering. Preliminary studies by the Climate Foundation have shown that this approach will indeed bring corals back to their healthy state in as little as 24 hours! On this trip will be testing out a new portable water cooler, and I will be documenting both the process as well as the results (and will of course share them on my blog!).

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  1. Richard Wong says:

    Congrats on the Samoa gig, Floris. I hope it works out for the best.

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