This past weekend my girlfriend, Aubrey, and I took a glacier skills and crevasse rescue course from the American Alpine Institute (AAI) on the flanks of Mt Baker. While this was by no means a photography trip, I couldn’t leave my camera behind, and I thought it would be fun to share a few images from the course. We had glorious weather most of the time, and our first morning I had a spectacular view out of the back door from our tent. I actually took this image while still in my sleeping bag!

Tents at the climber's Sandy Camp, below the summit of Mt Baker (in the distance).

We spent three days learning various snow skills, with the highlight being a simulated crevasse rescue in a real crevasse on the Easton Glacier. Here’s an image of one of the other participants, Casey, starting to prusik his way up and out. I took this while hanging on the end of my rope after Aubrey self arrested my “fall”.

Click image for larger view!

Crevasse Rescue, Easton Glacier, Mt Baker

Crevasse Rescue : Prints Available
Prusiking out of a crevasse on the Easton Glacier of Mt Baker, taken during a crecasse rescue training course with the American Alpine Institute (AAI).

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