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Winter has arrived a little early this year, and already the mountains are covered in several feet of snow! Maybe we will be skiing by the end of the month, though as our local Northwest weather expert explained in a recent post, it appears that this will be a relatively neutral year – no La Nina (lots of snow in the PNW), and no El Nino (dry in the PNW). Last weekend I backpacked through the early snow drifts to spend my first night of the season in the snow, though there was far more than I had expected. Nearly all of the fall color has already been buried, much of it before the plants even had a chance to turn color.

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Autumn, Snow

Last Stand : Prints Available
The last autumn colors poke through an early winter snowfall in Washington’s Alpine Lakes wilderness.

The Tech: Canon 5D2, Nikon 14-24mm, tripod
Exposure: iso 100, f/16, 1/15th sec
Notes: Three exposures hand-blended for depth of field and dynamic range.

Cascades, Camping under the Stars, Winter

Cascade Camping : Prints Available
Camping out under the stars after an early winter snowfall in Washington’s Cascades.

The Tech: Canon 5D2, Nikon 14-24mm, tripod, headlamp, remote
Exposure: iso 3200, f/2.8, 1/15th sec
Notes: Three exposures averaged, except in the sky, to reduce noise.

Snow in the mountains means, of course, lots of rain at lower elevations. And with rain, come plentiful mushrooms! For many years now I’ve been on the lookout for an attractive “grove” of tiny mushrooms. Thanks to all the recent rain, I finally found a nice group during my hike out. To bring out the colors and textures I used a spot light to back-light the grove.

Mushrooms, Cascades, Autumn

Fantastyland : Prints Available
A small grove of tiny mushrooms in Washington’s Cascade mountains in early autumn.

The Tech: Canon 5D2, 70-200mm, 25mm ext tube, sticks and bark to prop up camera, spotlight
Exposure: iso 100, f/4, 1/13th

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