After spending two weeks in the (sometimes unbearable) heat of Mexico, it was a relief to come home to the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest. The winter rains are (slowly) subsiding, and I returned just in time for the arrival of spring. Over the past few weeks I’ve had several chances to get out and enjoy the emergence of the greenery, flowers, and sunshine.

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Spring Vine Maples, Cascades, Washington

Spring Unfolding : Prints Available

After 6 months of soaking up the winter rains, the vine maples along the cascade foothills finally emerge from hibernation in spring, unfolding like tiny origami creatures.

Sunshine Elowah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Sunlife : Prints Available

Sunshine brings life to the plants surrounding the majestic Elowah Falls of the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. 

Ponderosa Forest, Spring Flowers, Leavenworth Washington

Ponderosa Spring : Prints Available

In spring, the Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers burst into bloom across the hills of Eastern Washington. While they normally prefer open sunlight, occasionally the Ponderosa forests are open enough that the flowers carpet them with color.

Lupine, Spring Flowers, Columbia River Gorge

Peace and Quiet : Prints Available

A field of lupine flowers overlooks the Columbia River Gorge in spring time.

During my trip to Mexico, the sun was my enemy. Being in it was uncomfortable, painful even. I constantly sought out trees to sit under and always walked on the shady side of the road. The hours between 1pm and 5pm were a real chore to get through, unless I was half submerged in water (under an umbrella to shield me from the sun). To make matters worse, the sun moves so fast that you hardly get a chance to enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

Here in Washington, the sun is my best friend. It brings life, not just to the plants around me, but to my own mind, soul, and body. I relish soaking in the warm rays of light. It was delightful to be back in a place where I could do just that. These images are intended to be a celebration of sunshine. Let them take you away to where the air is crisp and clean. Imagine the warm rays of sunlight as they tickle your skin. Listen to the Meadowlarks, the roosters of the American West, as they herald the morning sun. Smell the sweet fragrance of the wild flowers, and watch as the newly emerging leaves dance in the wind. It’s the time of year to come out of hibernation, stand up straight, and embrace each day with a dance of joy!

Rocky Spire, Cascades, Washington

Cascade Spire II : Prints Available

A lone rocky spire stands proudly over the cascade foothills in Eastern Washington.

Wild Flowers, Sunshine, Columbia River Gorge

Wild for Light : Prints Available

Wind blown wild flowers and scrub oak trees soak in the final rays of sunlight high up on the ridges of the Columbia River Gorge in Washington.

Spring Greenery, Cascades, Washington

Springshine : Prints Available

The rainbow of early spring greenery of the cascade foothills in Washington.

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7 Comments to “Springshine – Glorious Sunshine of the Northwest”

  1. Floris, Excellent set of images. The first one has a poetic feel to it. There is a flow and simplicity that is just so beautiful. “Ponderosa Spring” shows the inner beauty of the woods, Cascade Spire II in that image, I am really drawn towards that lone tree to the right of the spire. I can see myself composing some images with the spire and just that tree… very inspired..thanks for sharing… 🙂

  2. Thanks Rajeev! I did also take a vertical that focused on the spire and tree: Cascade Spire vertical

  3. Inspirational work as always. Great stuff Floris.

  4. Richard Wong says:

    Top-notch work Floris!

  5. Floris, Thank you for posting that vertical version. I would love to visit that place one day. You are a great artist Floris.

  6. Haijo de Jong says:

    Again beautiful photos, and again all of them with good compositions. What a like very much is that the pictures show the grandeur of nature. I “read” and feel the silence. Great work!

  7. Dave Katz says:

    Great post Floris, some incredible images in here.