Sometimes it’s hard to know what season it is these days. One moment there’s huge fires burning and ash is falling on Seattle, the next day it’s snowing in the mountains before the end of September, and then it’s back to 80 degrees! Well, at some point winter will truly come. In the meantime, here’s a mix of images from two trips to the Cascades over the past few weeks. While I didn’t quite catch winter, I think I did capture a little of spring through autumn in a period of just 3 weeks.

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Aubrey, enjoying a quiet sunset over Mt Shuksan.

Summer Flowers, Cascades, Washington

Cascade Summers : Prints Available

Late summer monkey flowers adorn this mossy alpine creek with a view towards Mt Shuksan in Washington's North Cascades.

Autumn Colors, Blueberry Bushes, Cascades

Blueberry Mist : Prints Available

After a moist and drizzly night, morning sunshine transforms the damp forest vegetation into a misty wonderland. Early autumn colors of blueberry bushes adorned with water droplets add a splash of color and sparkle.

Me, enjoying a grand view of the cascades, with a hint of autumn and some lingering summer sunshine.

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