At the beginning of this year I started my new position as assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno. The last few months have been quite busy with starting up my lab, getting settled into our home, making new friends, etc. So, adventures have been a little infrequent. That said, Aubrey and I are really enjoying our new home and jumping off point. We’ve already had more great backcountry ski days than most other years, and it’s only February!

Last weekend some friends from Seattle came for a visit, hoping to escape snowmageddon. Of course, Reno welcomed them with larger than normal snow and unusually cold weather. We headed south to find a pocket of good (but cold) weather, enjoy some desert hot springs, and explore Nevada’s geology.

PS – the post title is a reference to our state song.

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Fish lake hot springs : Prints Available

Sunrise over the fish lake hot springs with a view of the snowy white mountains.

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Volcanic colors : Prints Available

Colorful mounds of volanic tuff are scattered across the mountain ranges of Nevada.

Our camp for the night. It was cozy and wind free in our red “hot hut”.

Modern desert truck art.

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One Comment to “Home means Nevada!”

  1. Paul Powers says:

    Welcome back and congratulations.

    I am guilty of visiting without expressing my appreciation for the time, skill, and experience you share in this blog. At the 3/4 mark, I don’t trek far from the parking lot anymore so I really enjoy your adventures.

    Thank you for all you have shared so far, I am looking forward to the new adventures you care to share.

    Best to you both,